CHICKEN CYCLE How the chicken travels from us to you - we'll tell you, take a look!

CHICKEN CYCLE How the chicken travels from us to you - we'll tell you, take a look!

01 Plant Growing

The first was wheat and maize that form a main component of our feeds for chicks

02 Feed Production

Selection and composition of compound feeds is continuously controlled during the production so that the feed for our chicks is of the best value all the time. When choosing compound feeds we prefer maize and wheat because among the grains their nutrition value is the best and, at the same time, they have low fibre content what is an advantage at chick fattening.

03 Breeding

Egg clutch is carried out at farms under strict conditions in closed holdings. After laying, the fertilized eggs are transported to modern hatcheries.

04 Hatching

Our company uses mostly hatching in our own modern hatchery where the temperature and humidity is monitored. On twenty-first day, the tiny yellow chicks are hatched and then they are transported on air-conditioned lorries to the farms.

05 Fattening at Closed, Veterinary Monitored Poultry Holdings

Optimal conditions, access to quality feed, water and air-conditioning at farms are the factors which essentially influence the final quality of our chicks and their meat.

06 Well Processed and Air-cooled Meat

One of the factors, that influence meat quality and safety, is tunnel cooling using a flow of cool air. Next steps, which follow after processing and portioning of meat is traditional tray packaging, or controlled atmosphere packaging.

07 Distribution

Pace and quality of processing are the factors that matter. Thanks to our own extensive vehicle park we are able to provide for distribution of our products 6 days in a week within the Slovak Republic.

08 Satisfied Customers

Our reward is You, our happy customers.