What allergens do your products contain?

Our products, with the exception of those containing cheese (which is always also in the product name), do not contain any allergens.

Do your sausages contain flour?

None of our products contain flour. Most of them do not contain any allergens at all – therefore not even flour.

Do your products contain milk?

Most of our products do not contain any allergens, including milk and dairy products. However, we do have a few products in our range that contain cheese; for example, Poultry Sausages with Cheese, or Baked Breast Meatloaf with Cheese.

Do you import meat from abroad and repackage it?

Our company processes meat exclusively from domestic and local farms. No Polish farms are on the list and we do not cooperate with any of them.

How do I know where the meat I buy comes from?

At Hyza we process meat from our farms, you can find a list of them here. You can always find specific information about the origin of the meat on the product label.

What products under the HYZA brand can I buy?

HYZA offers three types of products: poultry products, fresh and frozen poultry.

What do you feed your chickens?

We place great emphasis on the quality and safety of the feed, the entire production process is monitored. Without quality feed it is impossible to produce good and tasty meat. The selection and composition of the feed mixtures is constantly controlled during production to ensure that the feed is always as valuable as possible for our chickens. We also prefer maize and wheat when selecting feed mixtures because they have the best nutritional value among cereals and a low fibre content, which is an advantage when fattening chickens.

Where do the chickens you process come from?

Our company processes meat exclusively from domestic and local farms, a list of which can be found here. No Polish farms are listed and we do not cooperate with any of them.

Who will guarantee me that the meat is safe?

Throughout the processing of poultry, we have a permanent veterinary inspection that checks every single piece of poultry processed. On the packaging we can indicate the so-called oval, which is SK 106 EC, which indicates a specific Slovak producer HYZA a.s. Topoľčany.

Do you give your chickens preventive antibiotics?

Chickens are not given antibiotics for no reason, farms are closed and controlled. Throughout the processing of the poultry we have a permanent veterinary control that checks every single piece of poultry processed.

How are chickens raised? Is it client breeding?

At HYZA we take a responsible approach to Animal Welfare. With animal welfare we not only present ourselves, but also behave like it. We also require compliance with the poultry welfare program from our partners, breeders and poultry suppliers, who are regularly inspected by our inspectors. Poultry from our farms experience well-being from the introduction of chicks into our heated farms, to the feeding of high quality feed composed of corn, wheat, a mix of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, to gentle trapping. The chickens are stocked in smaller numbers, giving them more room to move around. Constant indoor temperature, indoor air conditioning, dry bedding and a steady supply of water and feed contribute to the excellent health of the chickens.

How do you process meat? Is it safe?

One of the factors that affect the quality and safety of meat is tunnel cooling with a cold air stream. The next steps after the meat has been processed and cut are packaging on conventional trays or in a protective atmosphere.

Who owns HYZA?

HYZA a.s. is one of the leading modern processors and producers of poultry and poultry meat products not only in Slovakia but also in Europe. HYZA a.s. directly employs more than 900 employees and also supports employment in the region on Slovak poultry farms and in agriculture. Since 2006 HYZA a.s. is a member of the Agrofert holding group, which brings together more than 230 companies from the food processing, agriculture, chemistry and land technology sectors located in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

How do I know that HYZA is a Slovak producer?

We are committed to delivering only quality and safe products to you, our customers and fans of delicious meat. You will recognize them not only by our logo, but also by the oval on the packaging, which contains the mark SK 106 ES, which indicates a specific 🇸🇰 Slovak manufacturer – HYZA a. s. Topoľčany.

Has HYZA won any awards for its work?

We care about the satisfaction of our customers and are proud that the premium quality of our meat products is confirmed by winning awards such as Superbrands.

Since when has HYZA been operating?

The history of the company dates back to 1949, when poultry breeding started in our company. Gradually, we have grown into the most modern plant in Central Europe with our own farms, while respecting the conditions of animal welfare.

Does HYZA sponsor any events?

We care about people and traditions and that is why we support many Slovak events, such as the Crystal Wing, the Slovak Woman of the Year, the Day of the Costume but also various festivals such as the children’s Lestival, the comic Kremnica gags or the Aviation Days in Piešťany or SIAF.

Who owns HYZA Žilina?

After the merger of TPH, a.s., Topoľčany, Hydina, a.s., Cífer and HYZA a.s., Žilina, the company HYZA a.s. was established, with its headquarters in Topoľčany, where all production was moved, as it was more efficient to have production in one place. However, we still use the former plant in Žilina as an intermediate warehouse and we also have a company shop open there.